Group Health insurance plans take care of your employees’ health and your business’ bottom line.

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan protects the wellbeing of your employees by covering the health costs not included in their provincial plan. Prescription drug coverage, vision care, paramedical services, extended hospital and diagnosic care, access to virtual health, and wellness resources—it’s all available with Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.


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TELADOC      Chambers Plan Employee Benefits


We include Teladoc® telemedicine service with all Health options in our benefits plans.

Wherever your employees are in Canada or the US, Teladoc is ready with online access to virtual health services. This coverage is included, free of cost, as part of every group Health insurance option.

Any time of day, seven days a week, employees can book a video call with a licensed doctor without waiting at a clinic or hospital for non-urgent medical concerns. Telemedicine services provide the quickest route to diagnosis – and if necessary, the doctor can even send a prescription to the pharmacy nearest you.

We build our group insurance plans to be flexible with health solutions that fit the changing needs of your organization.

Workplace Health is of utmost importance for any organization as it helps increase employee engagement, reduce absenteeism, and improve employee productivity. Keeping this in mind, Chamber Plan's group insurance consists of several coverages to ensure that the health of your employees is well taken care of.

Our coverage can include the following:

  • Vision Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Emergency Travel Insurance
  • Private rooms in case of a stay at the hospital
  • Medical equipment and supplies

A well-rounded Extended Health plan also includes paramedical services. Most Chambers Plan health programs include Health solutions such as:

  • Acupuncturists *V
  • Athletic Therapists
  • Audiologists *V
  • Chiropractors
  • Clinical Dieticians *V
  • Massage Therapists
  • Registered Kinesiotherapists/Kinesiologists *V
  • Naturopaths *V
  • Osteopaths *V
  • Physiotherapists *V
  • Podiatrists/Chiropodists *V
  • Psychologists/Social Workers/Registered Clinical Counsellors, Canadian Certified Counsellors/Psychotherapists *V
  • Speech Therapists *V

* virtual visits (skype/zoom/telephone) currently covered

These services do not only improve employees’ health, productivity, and morale, but they are also helpful to hire and retain top talent.

Travel Health Insurance

All of Chambers Plan’s group health options also include the best travel Health Insurance in the industry. Chambers Plan’s travel insurance is a superior product because there are


With our Travel Plan Insurance, your employees can enjoy traveling without being concerned about health costs in the case of an emergency. A medical emergency means an unforeseen illness or accidental injury requiring immediate medical treatment.

TELADOC      Chambers Plan Employee Benefits


Teladoc Medical Experts, included with every Chambers Plan benefits plan, is among the many reasons our clients choose benefits with Chambers Plan.

Teladoc Medical Experts connects individuals and their treating physician with world-renowned specialists to offer an expert opinion on a current diagnosis and treatment plan without having to leave home.

Want to provide more flexibility to your Plan? You can add a Health Spending Account (HSA) as part of a Health Insurance Plan.

With an HSA, you set the limit for total claims, and we take care of the rest. Employees use the Health Spending Account where they need it. So, if they need a little more coverage for eyeglasses one year, they’ve got it. Need more coverage for physio? No Problem

A Group Health Insurance plan helps you and your employees to pay for health care expenses. Group Health Insurance has several advantages over Individual Health Insurance for both employees and employers. Some of the benefits include protection of investment, lower costs, and maximization of after-tax compensation.

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