Adding New Employees

Complete and submit the enrolment applications when new employees are hired. The Chambers Plan will process the application with the employee’s coverage commencing at the end of their waiting period. There is no need to “remember” to enrol the employee at a future date, and premiums will only be billed when the employee’s coverage begins.

All new, full-time staff must satisfy a waiting period before they are eligible for benefits. Employees are eligible for coverage immediately following the waiting period, and the Chambers Plan must receive a completed Employee Application within 31 days of this eligibility date or the employee is considered a “late entrant”. (Late entrants must complete a Statement of Health and require medical approval by the insurance company before coverage can be granted).

Updating Employee Salaries

Use my-benefits to update all salary changes as they occur. Disability and Life insurance benefits in many cases are a percentage of an employee’s salary. Benefits are paid based on reported earnings, so if earnings are understated, your employees could receive less than the amount for which they are eligible.

Employees Waiving Coverage / Losing Coverage

Life/AD&D Conversions Intents to convert these benefits should be sent to our office within 10 days of termination.

Changes to Your Firm

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