Chambers Plan Group Benefits take care of your employees’ well-being and the health of your business too.

Every day, thirty thousand business owners and their employees rely on Chambers Plan Group Benefits to stay healthy and productive. We are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to provide members with access to cost-effective group insurance products and services.

Group Benefits plans with everything you’d expect and so much more.

Ideal for businesses with 1-50 employees, our flexible and personalized group benefits are designed to meet your business’s changing needs and budget. That’s why more than 30,000 companies across Canada rely on Chambers Plan for superior group benefits options every year.

With Chambers Plan, you and your employees can take benefits into retirement as well. Once retired, Plan members can seamlessly transition to our Retiree Plan that includes robust Health insurance, Dental insurance, and Optional Life insurance.

A Benefit Plan that is much more than Health Insurance

Along with standard benefits like prescription medication coverage, dental insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, and life insurance, our membership affords our clients access to better and more robust value-added services. These can include telemedicine and access to expert medical specialists inside and outside of Canada. The following services are included in each group benefits plan at no additional cost:

Business Assistance Service

Most businesses don't have a team of specialists on hand to help deal with complicated HR, finance, or legal issues. Included in every Chambers Plan program at no additional cost, Business Assistance Service provides confidential access to professional accounting, legal, and human resource experts who understand the challenges small business owners face.

Teladoc® (included with every extended health option)

Teladoc™ is the global leader in virtual care and leverages a network of physicians licensed and certified in both the United States and Canada by phone or video*. With Teladoc telemedicine service, your employees can receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendation to include prescribed medications, if necessary, for a broad array of healthcare issues right at their fingertips. Increase productivity by giving your employees access to healthcare at the moment of need.

*Due to provincial law, appointments in Quebec must be by videoconference.

Best Doctors® Services

When faced with critical illness or injury, it’s crucial to have access to immediate Health Care. Best Doctors offer an exceptional Health Plan through connecting individuals and their treating physician with world-renowned specialists to provide an expert opinion on the current diagnosis and treatment plan without having to leave home.

HUGR Authentic Connections

All Chambers Plan members have premium access to the Hugr app. Hugr’s self-guided digital program can help users measure their level of social connection, discover how to build and maintain authentic connections, and regularly share how they’re feeling with those closest to them. It gives employees the skills to be proactive about their mental wellness and develop engaging and meaningful social connections. As an employer, promoting Hugr Authentic Connections demonstrates your commitment to employee well-being.

A well-rounded group benefits plan can include options that show employees you care about their well-being while at the same time providing them with flexibility in how to achieve that.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What if there was a way to help your employees deal with problems before they escalated into serious issues that result in absenteeism or, even worse, a disability? An EAP can help:

  • Reduce and manage employee absenteeism
  • Reduce healthcare and disability costs
  • Increase employee morale, productivity, and job performance
  • Reduce employee turnover and associated expenses

An EAP can create savings for you and provide your employees support when life’s challenges make it difficult to concentrate on work. Chambers Plan Employee Assistance Program offers confidential, one-on-one counseling with a designated psychosocial professional.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

A Health Spending Account is an additional employee benefit that offers reimbursement on dental and health expenses that fit within the CRA’s medical expenses definition. Each employee will have their own HSA, which can be used to pay off Health and Dental costs that exceed what is reimbursed under their Chambers Plan coverage. Through an HSA, employees can get more choices in their benefits and limit their financial responsibility. Provide the flexibility for your employees to choose what’s most important to them with a Health Spending Account.

We are here to make Group Benefits effortless, simple and straightforward for your whole team.

Speak with one of our advisors today to discover how Chambers Plan group benefits can make a difference in your business and your employees’ lives. We look forward to connecting with you!


So how does Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan achieve the most consistent stability in the industry?


Chambers Plan is a not-for-profit insurance program developed for chamber members and run by the Chamber of Commerce Insurance Corporation of Canada.
As a not-for-profit, Chambers Plan premiums cover the plan’s claims and administration costs and any profit is reinvested into the program to add features and keep premiums stable.


Chambers Plan’s pooling pieces together all of the experience on the Plan and shares that between the members on the Plan. Sharing that risk allows us to keep the rates lower and more stable. Chambers Plan incorporates pooling of its claims, where premiums can be based on the average of claims across all participants, spreading the risk, providing rate stability year after year. As an alternative, we also provide partially pooled Health and Dental options, in which both the results of the pool, as described above, and your firm's individual claims impact your rates.

30,000 businesses strong.

When it comes to stability, the more, the merrier. With over 30,000 companies banding together, we all benefit. If you have an unusual year of high claims, then you can be assured that Chambers Plan will provide some stability at renewal time.

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