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my-benefits eClaims® allows you to submit many of your Health and Dental claims online, quickly and easily – no paper claim forms to complete. Claim payments are deposited into your account within 48 hours of being processed.
It’s easy:

  • Select the service or product supplied (the type of claim)
  • Enter the service date and amount charged by the provider
  • Attach a digital copy of the original receipt and submit

It’s as simple as that. You will receive an email notice when your Explanation of Benefits has been prepared and claim payments have been deposited into your account. 

Not registered, sign up now! All you need is your Firm and Certificate number.

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my-benefits application logoSubmitting claims with your phone or tablet? Download the my-benefits app. It’s as simple as taking a picture of the receipt using your device.

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Have the Service Provider Submit the Claims for You

Speed up your Dental claim reimbursement by having your dental office submit your claim for you. Show them the front of your wallet card, which provides them your Firm and Certificate numbers, as well as our CDANet Carrier ID Number.

Many healthcare providers, like chiropractors and massage therapists, can also submit claims on your behalf. Click the link to find a local healthcare provider who can submit claims.

Find a local healthcare provider

At the Pharmacy

If your Health option includes a drug card, presenting our TELUS Assure card at the pharmacy ensures the quickest processing of your prescription drug purchase. Didn’t use your Assure drug card? Submit drug claims electronically through or complete an Employee Reimbursement Form for Drug Claims and send it directly to TELUS Health Solutions.

Directly to Us

You can use the following claim forms for manual submission of claims. If you have questions, please contact the Plan’s Service Centre at 1 800 665-3365 or email us at

Extended Health / Dental Claims / Health Spending Account

Health / Dental

All claims must be made within 12 months of the date of service and include original receipts. 

If both you and your spouse have Health and or Dental coverage, you can send claims to both plans for maximum coverage. Send an adult claim to the patient's plan first, then to the spouse’s plan for any outstanding expenses. For children's claims, start with the plan of the parent born earlier in the calendar year.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

Use this form to claim eligible expenses up to the maximum allowed under the Health Spending Account (HSA) portion of your plan. If you would like to coordinate expenses between your group insurance plan and your Health Spending Account, please use the Extended Health / Dental Claim forms and check "YES" to the Health Spending Account question to have any balances covered under your HSA.

Travel Health Claims

Submit all travel claim expenses to the Plan using the Travel Health Claim form. Claim payments will be coordinated on your behalf with your provincial government plan.

Disability Claims

Disability claims forms are available on my-benefits. Employees must be totally disabled and under the regular care and attendance of a licensed physician. Completed forms should be sent to the Service Centre as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Critical Illness Claims

Forms are available on

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Claims

Tips For Faster Claim Reimbursement

  • Long Term Disability

    Long Term Disability

    Understand the steps involved in making a disability claim, and what happens after you submit the claim.

    Watch Video

  • Direct deposit

    Direct deposit

    Why wait for reimbursement cheques? Have your Chambers Plan reimbursements deposited directly to your bank account. Sign up for claim direct deposits on my-benefits, or download and submit a Direct Deposit of Health & Dental Benefit Payments form.

  • Download the my-benefits app

    Download the my-benefits app

    No matter where you travel, take your Chambers Plan wallet card or download the my-benefits app and store your card on your mobile device! If you have a medical emergency away from home, contact Voyage Assistance immediately at the emergency numbers found on the back of the card to receive benefits.