Changes in Your Coverage?

Any changes due to a birth / adoption, marriage, separation or divorce, must be updated in your insurance coverage. An Employee Change form must be received in our office within 60 days of the change.

If you miss the 60 day deadline, you may be required to provide medical evidence of insurability for yourself and / or your dependents and be approved by the insurance company. Changes take effect on the date of the event.

Looking for Additional Life Insurance?

Optional Life insurance provides employees, their spouses and dependent children the opportunity to add more Life coverage, at low group rates, to reflect their individual needs. If your employer has made this option available, use these forms to apply for coverage.

Losing Coverage?

If you leave your employer for any reason, you are eligible to convert your Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Health and Dental coverage to individual policies.

While provincial plans cover some health care expenses, many day-to-day and emergency expenses will now become your responsibility. If you held Health or Dental coverage under your Chambers Plan group coverage, ContinYou™ allows you to easily transition these benefits to individual Health and Dental coverage. Apply for and purchase coverage within 60 days of your group coverage terminating.

Intents to convert Life / AD&D should be sent to our office within 10 days of termination.