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Administration Guide

Your Chambers Plan Administration Guide contains everything you will need to administer your benefit program. The guide outlines the general operation of the Plan and provides details regarding the forms you’ll use most often. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Important Things You Need to Consider

  • Importance of Employee Enrolment

    Importance of Employee Enrolment

    As the sponsor of the group policy, firms are responsible for ensuring all eligible employees are enrolled in the plan. Failure to do so could jeopardize an employee’s coverage.

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  • Disability Benefits Reference Guide for Employers

    Disability Benefits Reference Guide for Employers

    What steps are you, as an employer, required to take in situations when employees are off work due to a health or injury-related disability?

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  • Health and Dental Coverage for Disabled Employees

    Health and Dental Coverage for Disabled Employees

    When one of your employees becomes disabled and has been approved for Long Term Disability benefit payments, what happens to their Health and Dental benefits?

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  • Taxation of Your Chambers Plan Premiums and Benefits

    Taxation of Your Chambers Plan Premiums and Benefits

    Are employer-paid premiums taxable to the employee? Are claim payments a taxable benefit to employees?

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  • Group Retirement Solution: FutureStep® Product Overview Brochure

    Group Retirement Solution: FutureStep® Product Overview Brochure

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  • Managing Your Drug Costs

    Managing Your Drug Costs

    Your employees value the coverage and security of their health benefits, and prescription drugs are the most utilized service.

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Use Cost Plus for Claims Not
Covered by Your Plan

Cost Plus is a cost efficient and tax effective means of covering Health and Dental expenses or supplementing existing group insurance benefits. Working with your Chambers Plan benefit coverage, Cost Plus can:

  • cover items not covered or paid for by your group plan
  • reimburse these costs on a tax-free basis to individuals
  • be paid with pre-tax dollars through your company, creating a business deduction similar to group insurance premiums

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Add More Flexibility with a Health Spending Account

Your employees are unique, with different needs and expectations of what a benefit plan should offer. Chambers Plan Health Spending Accounts are a great way to offer them more flexibility by:

  • providing coverage for health and dental-related expenses that may not be included in their group benefit coverage
  • topping up existing coverage

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Optional Life Coverage

Your Chambers Plan coverage includes employee Life insurance, but are your employees thoroughly protected? What is the “right” amount of coverage for them? By offering Optional Life coverage under your Plan, you allow them to tailor their coverage to meet their individual needs.

  • Available in units of $10,000 up to $500,000 for Employees and Spouses
  • Coverage does not terminate when employment ceases  

At no cost to the firm, offering Optional Life coverage puts your employees in control.

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