5 Awesome Office Potluck Dishes

Everyone loves a good office potluck. It’s an affordable alternative to a catered event or sit-down meal at a restaurant. Plus, it’s a relatively easy and laidback way to get the office together and have some fun.

Having said that, a successful office potluck usually means dealing with a few logistical issues, such as limited fridge space or a sparsely-equipped kitchen. And who hasn’t rummaged through the pantry in a panic the night before a potluck, frantically trying to whip something together last minute? To help alleviate some of the potluck pressure, we’ve put together a short list of easy dishes guaranteed to be a big hit at your next office potluck event.

Classic Crowd Pleaser

No conference room spread is complete without at least one item from the office potluck hall of fame. These are the perennial favourites which have graced many a plastic tablecloth since they first emerged on the potluck scene. While the dip category probably holds the record for most hall-of-fame inductees — artichoke dip, seven-layer dip, and spinach dip immediately come to mind — the hands-down must-have potluck item has to be The Meatballs .

We’re all familiar with those perfect, bite-sized, sweet and sour little morsels, which, if you’re lucky, have been tenderly deposited into a slow cooker at the start of the workday and left to infuse the entire office with their tantalizing aroma. The trick is to not be too fancy about it — frozen meatballs, chili sauce and grape jelly (oh, and toothpicks) are all you need to pull off this quintessential potluck staple.

The Showstopper

For those looking to make a major impression at the next office potluck, look no further than The Turducken of Cheese Balls . Courtesy of the folks at Chowhound, this mammoth mound of cheese was the result of several attempts to find precisely the right combination of cream cheese, toppings, and delicious layers of grated cheese that would not only pass the taste test, but also maintain enough structural integrity to remain relatively intact throughout the event.

The end result topped the scales at a whopping five pounds and featured 14 different cheeses and toppings including layers of manchego, Emmentaler, and goat cheese separated by toppings like dried figs, chorizo, and toasted walnuts. To maximize the spectacular visual impact of this potluck masterpiece, carefully slice the cheese ball in half to show off the beautiful layers inside.

Best Double-Duty Sweet and Savoury Dish

This recipe could also win the title for most-difficult-to-pronounce potluck item, as it is traditionally referred to as Greek Patsavouropita, which loosely translates to old rag pie. This Nigella Lawson recipe is listed in the sweets/dessert section of her Simply Nigella cookbook, but salty feta cheese and herbaceous fresh thyme are the perfect foil to the sweet honey that is generously drizzled on top.

And this dish couldn’t be easier to prepare considering it’s little more than scrunched-up sheets of phyllo pastry layered beneath a simple mixture of butter, egg, milk, thyme and cheese.

Easy Gluten-Free Cookie Recipe

You can’t go wrong with a simple salad if you’ve been tasked with prepping a gluten-free side dish. However, it is slightly more intimidating to bake a gluten-free treat, especially if you don’t already have a pantry full of gluten-free ingredients to work with at home.

Earn extra brownie points (yup, we went there) with gluten-intolerant colleagues by baking these melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter chocolate chip cookies which, in addition to being delicious, are incredibly easy to prepare. With only a handful and a half of ingredients, this awesome recipe will quickly become your go-to cookie recipe for all occasions.

Best Last-Minute Potluck Dish

We all agree to participate in the office potluck with the very best intentions of planning ahead and prepping something fun and delicious with time to spare. But sometimes life has other plans and before you know it, it’s the night before the potluck and you’re staring forlornly at the pantry, hoping for a stroke of culinary genius.

This is where a super quick pantry recipe comes to the rescue and none could be quicker, easier, and more readily available than fried rice.Once you’ve cooked your rice, the pantry is truly the limit when it comes to elevating the flavour profile of this simple dish. Tasty add ins include frozen peas, carrots, green onion, pineapple, slivered almonds, curry powder, or shrimp. Did we mention fried rice also goes perfectly with The Meatballs?

So the next time the office party planning committee suggests a potluck, leave luck out of the equation and impress your team with one of these awesome dishes!

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