Five fun company event ideas for summer 2017

This summer, make sure it’s not all work and no fun by planning a fantastic team-building event that gets the team out of the office and into the sunshine. Here are five suggestions for a summertime corporate event that is sure to inspire laughter and memories to last throughout the year.

1. Rock climbing. Want to know the true secret to success? It’s less climbing the corporate ladder and more working together to scale greater heights. Combining problem solving, communication skills, and trust building, rock climbing is an excellent activity that challenges colleagues to work together to get to the top of the peak.

Don’t live close to a mountain range? No problem. Many cities offer indoor climbing facilities. In fact, BlackRock Climbers located in Mississauga, Ontario can bring a rock-climbing wall to you. All set up and take down is included.

Working together and learning proper belaying technique to help one another scale real and faux peaks alike, lends itself naturally to team building while fostering trust and confidence among team members.

2. Catapult to success. The folks at TeamBonding have literally sent corporate team building soaring to new heights. Having recently expanded their services into Canada, TeamBonding offers dozens of event options—from Build-A-Boat challenges to Treasure Hunt Adventures.

Using commonplace objects such as small plastic buckets, colanders, poles and bungee cords, the catapult event brings team members together and puts their communication, coordination and construction skills to the test. Tapping into high-level organizational and collaborative strengths, teams must use provided materials to build a functional catapult and then successfully launch items for distance and accuracy.

Don’t have a TeamBonding outpost in your town or city? A quick trip to a dollar store and a simple Google search for DIY catapult instructions is basically all you need to get this idea off the ground. For an extra challenge, throw in an extraneous mandatory item that wouldn’t intuitively be helpful in the construction of a catapult and see what teams come up with.

3. Salsa showcase. Looking to add a little extra spice to your company BBQ event this year? Include a salsa-making contest that will have groups working together to concoct innovative and delicious salsas to accompany the meal.

Have a wide variety of ingredients on hand, ranging from basic tomatoes and bell peppers to more exotic items like kiwis, mangos, and apples. And don’t forget to bring the heat! From jalapenos to chipotle peppers, make sure the event is muy caliente!

To help offset some of that heat, you can put a team or two in charge of making some refreshing sangria.

4. Yard heroes. Some of the best team building happens when we come together to do something good for the community. Not only does it strengthen relationships and boost morale internally, it’s also a great opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for the community that has helped support your organization.

In the winter months, several Canadian cities have a Snow Angel program, which sees community volunteers help neighbours—particularly those with mobility issues or health concerns—by removing snow and ice from their sidewalks. While the warmer temperatures and sunny days are a welcome respite from the snow and ice, there are still plenty of grueling outdoor tasks fellow residents may need help with.

This team-building event requires little more than renting a bus or a U-Haul and loading it up with a few lawnmowers and some gardening tools—oh, and a little elbow grease! Canvass your local neighbourhood and offer lawn mowing and weeding services to neighbours in need. Not only do you get to spend the day outdoors in the sunshine with friends from the office, you also get to go home afterwards knowing that you contributed to making someone else’s day a little easier and their yard a little nicer.

5. Haunted haunts tour. Looking for an otherworldly option for your summertime corporate event this year? Haunted hikes or ghost walks are gaining popularity, with many organized options popping up across the country.

  • Ghostly Walks in Victoria offers eight different walking routes to choose from, each of which interweaves the perfect amount of historical detail and spooky local lore to intrigue lifelong residents and tourists alike.

  • Old Montréal is steeped in historic charm and European flare by day, but by night the gorgeous cobblestone streets take on a decidedly spooky vibe. The award-winning Traditional Ghost Walk tour takes participants on a 90-minute tour of Old Montréal’s historic streets and lanes where witches, charlatans, and former criminals lurk in the dark corners, eager to share their grim stories and tales of intrigue. Goosebumps guaranteed!

  • 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the St. John’s Haunted Hike, which has entertained residents and visitors with sordid but true tales that took place in North America’s oldest city. This theatrical tour winds its way through the historic and haunted streets of St. John’s downtown core, with spine-tingling tales that combine passion, horror, humour, and suspense – all guaranteeing a thrilling evening. The team that scares together, stays together!

The summer months are a great opportunity to plan something fun and rewarding to thank your team for the hard work they do all year. A unique, successful corporate event will provide memories that will last long after the tan lines fade.

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