Summer Office Party Ideas 2019

It’s that time of year again when you can trade in the extra-hot flat white for an ice brewed coffee and unearth the knee-length “office appropriate” shorts from the back of your closet. It’s summertime and the workin’ is easy!

When it comes time to plan the summer office party or corporate BBQ, these fantastic party games and summer event ideas will generate memorable laughs and epic team building. Read on for the best office party ideas for summer 2019!

It’s all fun and games when you’re playing fun games

Nothing beats a classic corporate party in the park for sheer ease of planning and budgetary restraint. Elevate the party games beyond a sack race or croquet with these fun, easy-to-organize games:

  • Don’t Stop Until the Balloons Pop: Using string, players tie an inflated balloon to each ankle. The name of the game is to pop each other’s balloons using only your feet — no hands allowed! The last player with at least one unpopped balloon is the winner.
  • Pool Noodle Javelin: First, put the team’s engineering skills to the test by constructing your target rings. Hula hoops work well, as do extra pool noodles if you bend then into circles and duct tape them into place. Once you’ve constructed your target, take turns tossing items (pool noodles, tennis balls, staplers, reams of paper) through the rings. Award points for each successful throw and bonus points based on difficulty level or artistic merit.
  • Soggy Sponge Volleyball: Using a volleyball court with a net, place a 5-gallon water bucket and 4-8 large soaked sponges at the back of each side of the court. At the sound of the whistle, players start throwing soggy sponges over the net to the opposing team. The idea is to catch the wet sponges that are thrown within bounds of your side of the court. For each sponge that is either caught or dropped, the player must run the sponge to the bucket, re-soak it and then throw it back over the net. Each time a sponge lands in bounds (isn’t caught) or if your team throws a sponge that lands out of bounds, your team earns a strike. The team with the fewest strikes wins.

Host an office awards banquet

They say that most employees value words of praise nearly as much as a bonus or pay raise. At this year’s summer office party, take a few moments to acknowledge the very best of the bunch with some creative office awards. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Most Consistently Late Award - Winning criteria includes most consecutive late arrivals to the office and most inventive excuses for tardiness.
  • Office Social Director Award - Awarded to the team member who puts the “commit” in party planning committee and always steps up to make extracurricular activities fun and creative.
  • Loudest Typer Award - Special consideration will be given to nominees with the most Backspace button strikes per minute.
  • Office Fashionista Award - Given to the office member who always manages to work the glow of the fluorescent lights and has perfected the Instagram pose by the water cooler.

Throw a pool party

Cannonball!! Make a huge splash this summer and organize some fun poolside for your next corporate summer event.

Venues like Cabana Poolbar in Toronto will coordinate a full-service corporate event including team-building activities and a gourmet BBQ.

If you’re looking for more of a serene retreat experience, Kananaskis Nordic Spa offers corporate bookings for large groups with full access to their 50,000 sq. ft. indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy and relaxation space along with optional food service, massage therapy treatments, and guided stargazing.

Get up close and personal with local wildlife

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to experience nature in all its glory. For a unique and charitable corporate event, consider checking out a local wildlife sanctuary or rehabilitation centre. Facilities such as Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Rosseau, Ontario and the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) located just outside Calgary allow guided tours or host educational sessions.

Since most of these facilities operate based on donations, consider fundraising as a group or reach out to the facility and see if you can bring supplies or food for the animals in care.

Set sail in a canoe, kayak, or hot tub

The view is always better from the open waters. Plenty of companies offer group canoe or kayak lessons, which are a great way to get the team working together in fun and challenging ways as you navigate basic boating maneuvers and safety procedures.

Wait—I’m sorry, did you say “set sail in a hot tub?” Yes, that’s correct! This popular floating hot tub for rent — available through Hot Tub Boat Canada — is picking up steam in Western Canada with operations currently available in Victoria and is set to launch in Vancouver and Kelowna sometime soon. With a capacity for six people in each tub, you can get the whole team together in a fleet of floating tubs and drift away in relaxed bliss!

Take time this season to enjoy the company and camaraderie of your team outside the office—a well-planned summer office party is an opportunity to make memories that will last the whole year.

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