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Insurance Plan Features

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Coverage For Businesses With One Employee And Up

Unlike many of its competitors, Chambers Plan is able to offer coverage to most firms, including one-person firms, farms and ranches, and home-based businesses! Any for-profit business, in operation for at least six months, is eligible for coverage and coverage is guaranteed renewable. 

From Our Small Business Blog

How to take the pain out of performance reviews

Most of us have been there: one-on-one with the boss, office door closed, air stifling, boss making notes while you sweat it out on a wobbly chair.

The performance review.

The only thing worse is Th

11 Oct, 16

Taking the bite out of bad reviews: How to recover from negative online complaints

It’s tough when you find yourself, or your business, on the receiving end of the court of public opinion or on trial by Facebook. The impact of negative reviews or comments can spread exponentially—an

4 Oct, 16

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