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Insurance Plan Features

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Coverage For Businesses With One Employee And Up

Unlike many of its competitors, Chambers Plan is able to offer coverage to most firms, including one-person firms, farms and ranches, and home-based businesses! Any for-profit business, in operation for at least six months, is eligible for coverage and coverage is guaranteed renewable. 

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Top 10 Summertime Corporate Team-Building Ideas 2016: Part I

The summer months are a natural mood booster, so why not build on those positive vibes and organize an awesome corporate event for your team?

From sculptures made with canned goods for a good cause,

28 Jun, 16

Turning a Lost Customer into a Win for Your Business

Remember the old adage, "the customer is always right"? Most business owners today would agree that this is no longer correct, at least not 100 per cent of the time…and especially when that customer h

21 Jun, 16

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