Guerin-Stewart Podiatry Clinic

“We had been with our previous provider for years and their prices were gradually increasing every year with nowhere near the coverage that we now have through the Chambers Plan. It used to just be myself and my wife on the plan and even though we’ve now added two others in our office, our old plan still cost us more for less coverage. We’re currently utilizing the Best Doctors* benefit, which has been a really helpful resource during a difficult time. The Chambers Plan is a great comprehensive plan, all in all.”

Ian Stewart, Guerin-Stewart Podiatry Clinic

The friendly and professional staff at the Guerin-Stewart Podiatry Clinic provides quality customer service to their customers in Regina and the surrounding areas. As experienced and reliable professionals, their podiatrists treat the foot-related problems of everyone in the family, from young children to grandparents. Geurin-Stewart Podiatry Clinic has been voted Best Podiatry Clinic in Regina and surrounding area for the past four years.

*Best Doctors is now named Teladoc Medical Experts, which remains a component of Chambers Plan.

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Seahorse Salon

“Myself and my staff all came from a salon that we’d been at for 10 years. When I decided to set out on my own I took it for granted that anyone could have a medical plan. I started calling around and one by one we were turned down. My staff just thought it was a given, if you work somewhere you just have a health plan tied in. In opening a business there’s a lot of stress, but it was smooth sailing until applying for health care. Then, someone suggested the Chambers of Commerce Plan. I stand on my soap box all the time now and tell this story. There are so many small businesses, especially in Newfoundland, and they discover the same thing that I did – there’s no health care. The Chambers Plan is a dream, it’s literally a dream.”

Jenn Ghaney, Seahorse Salon

The Seahorse Salon is a boutique salon located in beautiful St. John's, Newfoundland. The Seahorse provides professional, highly specialized hairstyling services and education to the vast number of textured (wavy, curly) customers. The salon provides expert service, up-to-date knowledge, and the best, most environmentally conscious products to its customers.

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CJ Directory

“When my wife and I took over the company, we kept the Chambers Plan, but we updated it and made some changes. Our Chambers Plan advisor was really approachable and easy to work with and we really like having him on board with us. He helped us immensely in terms of going through and explaining the pros and cons of certain parts of the program to customize what we want to have, and we continue to do that each year with our annual review. The best feature we like is the Travel benefit. Having no hassles, no worries when we travel – that for us is one of the biggest benefits. Our advisor came in and was able to explain the benefits to our staff and let them know if they’re planning any trips, not to worry about that extra insurance the other providers try to sell you when you’re booking trips. Knowing when you’re fully covered gives you piece of mind. We encourage others to participate in the plan because it’s a great way to support your business from small, to mid, to big business.”

Mike Williams, CJ Directory

CJ Directory is Quesnel BC's official phone book & resource guide. Available in CJ Directory, is the Yellow Business Listings featuring Quesnel’s local & surrounding businesses. CJ Directory also publishes the Chambers of Commerce directory as well as the official travel guide for Quesnel, including Wells and Barkerville.

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“We did not have a medical plan before the Chambers Plan, but what made the plan stand out was the customer service. The plan was well presented by individuals that were genuinely interested in creating a great plan for our business with our unique needs. I have been impressed by our Chambers Plan advisors as they have created a plan that works for us and have always been there to help both myself and the staff with any issues that we encountered. I would recommend the Chambers Plan because the customer service is exceptional and it’s a great plan with premiums that are very competitive.”

Krishna Mahabir, Quali-Dent

Serving northern New Brunswick since 1973, Quali-Dent Dental Clinic offers highly trained and experienced dental professionals using up-to-date techniques and modern dental equipment. They offer a wide range of dental and cosmetic procedures from the smallest of cavities to tooth decy; from severe gum diseases to acute dental problems; and even on-site orthodontic services.

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“We struggled to provide a comprehensive, cohesive, and cost-effective benefit plan to our team, prior to enrolling in the Chambers Plan. It rendered us less competitive when offering employment opportunities to interested parties in the marketplace. The Chambers Plan permits small and medium sized business an opportunity to not only prioritize the needs of our employees, but, as importantly, "punch above our weight," eliminating something we used to apologize for that we can now offer on a level with any employer in the region. The ease of administrative changes, updates, and overall management of the program for our company has exceeded my expectations since starting with the plan. The Chambers Plan eliminates a formidable barrier for small businesses that care deeply for their valuable staff, but struggle to be able to offer the benefits and security they deserve.”

Jeff Mulligan, New York Fries Franchisee.
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Province Apothecary

“We didn’t have benefits prior to the Chambers Plan, and what stood out for me was the pricing. The main thing that has exceeded my expectations since starting with the Plan is how happy my employees are. I’d recommend the Chambers Plan because it’s so affordable and has allowed a small business to offer benefits to our employees.”

Julie Clark, Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary began with the mission to produce the best skincare products using only high quality, certified organic ingredients sourced from each of the Canadian provinces. They expertly formulate, blend, and package all products by hand in small batches, ensuring the highest quality skincare. Province Apothecary is located in Toronto, and ships their original products throughout Canada and the United States.

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Monk Renovations Inc.

“We’ve had benefits with another provider, however, as a small business with four people on the plan, when one person used the plan more than the norm, our premiums more than tripled. Because the Chambers Plan is with such a large pool of people, there is less volatility in pricing and one person’s health does not impact premiums significantly. The Plan is clear, with updates as required and easy to follow. I’d recommend the Chambers Plan because of the stability in numbers, and it’s also very competitive and easy to administer.”

Dan Monk, Monk Renovations Inc.

Monk Renovations provides outstanding home renovation experiences. They are Halifax’s trusted professionals for kitchen, bathroom, basement, whole home renovations and additions. With the perspective of an engineer and qualified carpenters on their team, you can feel confident that Monk’s solutions are going to increase the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

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William Wood-Write Ltd.

“We are a small family business and benefits were out of reach for us before having the Chambers Plan. Affordability matters and we can access more benefits at a lower price through the Chambers plan than with other benefit options. This makes benefits accessible to small businesses, which in turn makes those businesses more attractive employers.”

Lilian Schaer, William Wood-Write Ltd.

William Wood-Write Ltd., located near Guelph Ontario, is a family-owned business and Canada's premier source for pen turning and small lathe project supplies.

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Action Movers Inc.

“We had benefits through a couple of insurance companies and every year they increased the rates too much. What made the Chambers Plan stand out from the other options is the power in many small businesses banding together. Since joining, I’ve found the out-of-country travel to be above my expectations. All in all, I feel it is a good and fair group plan, and the more companies we have joining, the better.”

Robert Hirshi, Action Movers Inc.

Action Movers is a privately owned and operated moving company serving the Vancouver area. They’ve won the Consumer Choice Award for Best Moving Company in Vancouver, and have also received an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They constantly exceed the expectations of their valued customers and take pride in the fact that 70% of their business is from referrals or repeat customers.

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The Right Water Bottling Company

“The Chambers of Commerce Group Plan is an affordable, comprehensive plan designed for small businesses like ours.  It gave us the ability to provide our employees with a benefits package they could rely on, and includes Disability and Critical Illness coverages that are usually too expensive to consider. The app is fantastic as it allows us the ability to submit claims quicker by taking a picture of the invoice and uploading it right away.  We can also monitor the status of each claim. The Chambers Plan is definitely geared towards small businesses and provides coverage at competitive rates.”

Joan Siemers, The Right Water Bottling Company

The Right Water Bottling Company produces and delivers five and three gallon water bottles. They also produce and sell bagged ice under the name, “Right Ice,” have self-serve water dispensers for customer convenience, and produce 500 ml custom labelled water bottles. The Right Water Bottling Company is invested in their community, hosting educational tours, donating water and ice, and taking strides to reduce their own carbon footprint.

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The Oar Restaurant

“Prior to the Chambers Plan, we had no benefits for our family or our staffing. Other quotes from benefit providers were long winded and confusing, but our Chambers Plan representative made an initial visit with our business exec team and explained the process in fair and easy-to-understand terms. Our Chambers Plan manager followed up in person with all the team members so that they could decide whether to participate or not. We’ve had continued and ongoing support from not only our local manager and his team, but also head office in Winnipeg. They’ve taken the unknown out of the process and have fair pricing with competitive benefits.”

Robbie Irvine, The Oar Restaurant

The Oar Restaurant in Gravenhurst Ontario has been serving up a unique casual dining experience for ten years, and has become one of South Muskoka’s favourite local hot spots. Receiving Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence, the Oar prepares an exciting lunch and dinner menu that offers up traditional and vegetarian dishes from fresh, simple and tasteful ingredients.

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