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Group Health Insurance

How much would medical care cost you if you or your family became injured or ill during your trip outside Canada? How expensive would it be if you needed to cancel your trip or come home early? How would you pay for these unexpected expenses?

Buying travel health insurance before you take a trip is one of the best ways to guard your health and financial well being. But did you know that if you have group health insurance, you may not have to buy emergency medical coverage? Some group insurance plans, the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan® for example, provide a wide range of travel benefits to insured employees and their family members. Under Chambers Plan, all Health benefit options include travel coverage, which covers the cost of emergency treatment not covered by your provincial plan away from home, from hospital rooms to physician charges to prescription drugs. It also covers the cost of air fare changes, the return of an insured’s vehicle, chaperoning minors who must return home alone, and a bedside visit by a family member if the injured individual was travelling alone.

The Plan also includes 24 hour telephone support to assist insureds in finding medical help abroad as well as translation services in all major languages. Before you take your next trip, check your group policy for travel coverage. Or, call your local Chambers Plan advisor for more details about Chambers Plan’s travel health insurance.

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